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Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Public Scoping Meeting

March 8, 2017

The City of San Francisco Planning Department has scheduled the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Public Scoping meeting for Thursday, March 30th, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. At the public scoping meeting, the City will record comments and questions from members of the public about issues or […]

Neighbors And Residents Raise Concerns At Kirkham Heights Forum

September 2, 2015

On Monday night, the Sunset Heights Association of Responsible Persons (SHARP) hosted a forum on the planned Kirkham Heights redevelopment project, near Fifth Avenue and Kirkham. Representatives of the site’s owners gave a detailed presentation to the standing-room-only crowd, addressing audience questions and concerns about the project’s potential impact on the community. Westlake Urban has […]

The missing middle: San Francisco developers rethink how to build housing in reach of the middle class

May 15, 2015

For four decades, real estate developer Westlake Urban has held onto a six-acre slice of sloped, winding land where 86 rent-controlled housing units sit in the shadow of the forested Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. But it will soon be time for big changes. San Mateo-based Westlake Urban is shooting to turn the Kirkham Heights […]

Taking Stock of the Planned Kirkham Heights Redevelopment

May 2, 2015

On Thursday, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR) nonprofit organized a tour of Kirkham Heights, an 86-unit apartment complex in the Inner Sunset that was built in 1950. The plan has been generating intense local debate after it was announced last fall and as outreach rolled out over the winter. We decided to tag along to […]

What It Takes To Buy A House In The Inner Sunset

March 6, 2015

The Inner Sunset has grown in prominence as a hot San Francisco real estate market, and we caught up with Ilana Minkoff, a Realtor with Vanguard Properties, to learn more. Although she helps clients buy and sell across the city, Minkoff shared insights into the unique challenges of purchasing real estate right here in the […]

Why not look to westside to build homes?

February 17, 2015

Go west, the saying goes. When it comes to building housing in San Francisco, though, the saying only goes as far west as the Panhandle. Try to develop anywhere west of the center of The City, and another saying comes to mind: Fat chance. Most of our construction boom has been concentrated in the eastside […]

Diving Into The 2014 Inner Sunset Neighborhood Character Survey

February 12, 2015

Last night, Tani Elliott, a planner with the Port of San Francisco, presented the results of an Inner Sunset neighborhood character survey she conducted in 2014. Elliott shared her findings in an open house hosted by Inner Sunset Park Neighbors, a non-profit group that helped promote the survey. Elliott gathered the data in pursuit of […]

Connect Through Public Art

January 26, 2015

Imagine walking through an urban neighborhood and suddenly coming across a giant ogre emerging from the earth. The angry giant clambers out of the lawn and seems to shout, surprising and welcoming visitors. Perhaps you’re on your way to San Francisco. It’s nighttime. You’re driving west from Oakland, across the Bay Bridge, and as you […]

Kirkham Heights Redevelopment Outreach Effort In Full Swing

January 20, 2015

After 64 years, Kirkham Heights Apartments in the Inner Sunset is preparing for a makeover that could increase its housing stock by a multiple of five without, developers say, significantly expanding its existing footprint. If approved, the new complex will be the densest housing development between Twin Peaks and Parkmerced, but owner Westlake Urban says […]

The Feds Quietly Acknowledge the Driving Boom Is Over

January 7, 2015

The Federal Highway Administration has very quietly acknowledged that the driving boom is over. After many years of aggressively and inaccurately claiming that Americans would likely begin a new era of rapid driving growth, the agency’s more recent forecast finally recognizes that the protracted post-World War II era has given way to a different paradigm. […]

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