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November 13, 2014

Westlake Urban was created to redevelop Westlake Realty Group’s decades-old San Francisco Bay Area portfolio. Our plans range from new pocket neighborhoods in Santa Rosa and Hayward to a 500,000 square foot technology-focused office campus in San Leandro and a proposal for 460 residential units in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset.

In transforming our portfolio, we are choosing to move beyond easy, formulaic development patterns to build properties that are better suited to a changing world. We believe there is a growing desire across generations to simplify and to live and work in vibrant places where people are connected. This belief fuels our work.

There’s a very practical aspect to our work, too.

Many of the buildings in our portfolio are outdated, and they were built at a time when families, work and life were different, when cars were the primary form of transport and when the dominant city pattern resulted in buildings and uses that were deliberately unconnected.
As with all buildings, the time comes when significant investment is required to repair or reposition them to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. As we evaluate our properties, we do so with a new vision and a commitment to create buildings and places that will endure for the long term.

Demographic Overhaul

Families are changing, lifestyles are changing and the desire for simplification and connection are intensifying because two key demographic groups are imposing unprecedented and simultaneous change. According to Pew Research, “America is in the throes of a demographic overhaul.”

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